‘Program for Life’ is a 5 - level Program that enables the people of the world to discover their truest potential and craft a way of life that is unique and genuine for each one of them.

What will one experience being in the program for life?
Free and powerful to live their lives where they experience fulfillment.

What can one achieve in their lives with ‘Program for Life’?
A way of life that impacts:

  • The quality of relationships
  • The way of learning and educating oneself
  • The way of making a living for oneself
  • The path on how one would like to contribute to the world one lives including

A one day (8hr) program which enables one to reflect on the checks and balances of life and take certain decision that have been uncomfortable to take. They are empowered to take decision that have been delayed for long and are important.

What will one experience being in Reflection?
Power to begin crafting their life

What can one discover being in Reflection?
The access to the truth about themselves

Program Level Session Date Time Booking
Reflection 1 1 Day 8:00am to 6:00pm Book Now

Knowledge Series is an opportunity for each individual to fortify and construct the pillars of their lives and businesses.

It is a platform to engage people powerfully and discuss the key aspects and insights of lives and its purpose.

This enables one to create tools to evolve impact their lives and businesses.

Why Knowledge Series?
Just like one meditates through Yoga, Music, Pranayam etc. for the Body & Mind. Likewise through Knowledge Series one can exercise aspects of life and businesses to create a thought pattern that enables one to reflect, introspect and evolve.

What can one experience being in Knowledge Series?

Benefits of SHINE Knowledge Series

  • Sharing of knowledge and experience
  • Expand the very existence of our thoughts and define our horizon
  • Direct Implementation in our lives and businesses

Shine Business Empowerment is a 3 level approach to the business which empowers to take the business to the next level of performance. It’s an approach that has been successful for 1000+ organizations and is designed to evolve the leader in the business.

Business Empowerment gives every Business person, Entrepreneur and professional the opportunity to craft, invent and evolve their business, work and profession to the level of expression. It gives the opportunity to reflect, introspect and evaluate the business and distinguish as a top class performer.

What can one experience in Business Empowerment?

What can one discover in Business Empowerment?

A 1 day, 10 hour module, which is delivered in an interactive format, assisting cross-learning and self-learning to reflect on the on the various decisions, the patterns to decision making and the possible approaches to decision making.

What is critical about Decision making?
The awareness of the impact of the decisions is critical and the one day program creates that awareness of decisions and defines a process to decision making which is distinguished as unique to each individual and their personalities.

Why Decision Making?
A decision creates a future. Before a decision is taken that future did not exist and after a decision that future has begun. To be responsible for the future of self and others one needs to take decisions.

What will one experience being in Decision Making?
Freedom in Failures

What will one discover being in Decision Making?

Business Design is a 12 Session program that has 3 distinct elements to address which are :

  • Self
  • Business
  • Future

Each of the sessions is uniquely designed to enable one to understand the design of Self, Business along with the future that is created. It is a mindset transformation.

Why Business Design?
The elements of Self, Business and Future are critical to the design of the business we engage in at work, professional as well as life. Unraveling this design for one will unleash the potential and allow one to explore the world of opportunities and create possibilities.

What can one experience in Business Design?

What can one discover in Business Design?
Abundance and Creativity

A 3 year program where one as a leader in their business is coached regularly and intensely to discipline the creative expression, which has been discovered and produce results that once seemed impossible.

Why Building Business?
Leaders are faced with a multiple number of issues and it’s natural to lose focus without realizing. The coach is someone who is alert and does not let one waver and keeps it steadfast towards the goal and purpose.

What will one experience being in Building business?

What will one discover being in Building Business?
The Brand

University for Self-Expression intends to create the kind of professions and professionals where besides being masters in their own field they are skilled in human emotions whereby the world experiences a revolution in people management and relationship management.

Intention of the university
To provide

  • an education where people experience who they truly are and why they are with freedom and self-expression.
  • An education where people transform such that they impact the consciousness and legacy of mankind.

Outcome of the university
A world as a single community that,

  • Speaks the language of Responsibility and Contribution
  • Embraces a culture of Inquiry and Innovation
  • Lives a life of Purpose

Disciplines in the University
Graduate and Undergraduate programs in Technology, Management, Humanities, Oriental Sciences, Pure Sciences, And Arts.

The thought behind the University
The purpose of education has always been to draw out from within the student such that they express themselves into the world they are born. They engage with the world and in the process discover who they are. As times have passed education has moved to having more power and control over the less educated. Education is now more about the information and knowledge you have and less about what one has instilled and imbued through experience.
The Shine University was conceived with the purpose of reinventing education for people and the possibility of one inventing them they truly want themselves to be, which in turn generates contributors, who lead society to the next level in the quality of living.
Each of the discipline in the program is designed to deliver this impact and outcome in during the process in which the knowledge is imparted.

The Concept

The University is a place where YOU choose to discipline your creativity to discover your Mastery.
Once the choice is made by the student the Masters guide the student to learn his path of excellence through discovery and Inquiry.

Being connected for Life

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