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Prof. Victor Manickam

Founder And Chairman

About Victor Manickam

Asking questions and seeking answers" is probably what defines the life of Victor Manickam and the work that he has ventured to create. Every time you meet him there is something new that is experienced and yet you feel that he is the same at the core. From being a multi talented guy at school- in elocution, scouts, sports, dramatics and academics or perusing engineering and even during MBA, one thing that always stands out is his freedom to experiment, explore and engage with the environment around. At times it looks like he lives life on the edge.

The journey from the humble beginnings of a 280 sft. Mumbai chawl to building an enterprise was founded on the solid teachings of his parents,teachers, and gurus who contributed immensely into building the person that he is today. Values such as respect for elders,knowledge and humility were ingrained in the early days of development, which have stood him in his stead in all these years Inquiring into oneself and the nature of human beings led him to ashrams, religious places, sacred and scriptures which provided the structure which provided the structure and framework for crafting his life.

At age 37 when he hit rock bottom in his life with no money, no family and no friends and a bust business with only his wife and son to call his own life took a solid turn. Somewhere in those moments the teachings of his parents, teachers, gurus, the experience of the ashrams, sacred texts, religious places and scriptures coupled with knowledge of science and human technology , enabled the restructuring of his life and created the foundations for the Victor Manickam knowledge group Having lived for 47 years he has now created Victor Manickam Knowledge Group whose training programs and coaching methodologies empower individuals and businesses towards creating a new future for themselves and their businesses He has a vision to create a new world order that has individuals with greater awareness and purpose.

About Victor Manickam Knowledge Group

Victor Manickam Knowledge Group is founded with the purpose of creating an environment of fulfillment and responsibility for people from different walks of life. This is made available through the unique and innovative programs that have an everlasting impact on quality of life, education, career, business and professions. We create a way of life for every person who is engaged with us and promise an extraordinary growth in the areas that they desire.


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