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“Asking questions and seeking answers" is probably what defines the life of Victor Manickam and the work that he has ventured to create. Every time you meet him there is something new that is experienced and yet you feel that he is the same at the core. From being a multi-talented guy at school- in elocution, scouts, sports, dramatics and academics or perusing engineering and even during MBA, one thing that always stands out is his freedom to experiment, explore and engage with the environment around.


Achieving Success is always the beginning
Victor Manickam
Shedding Tears from your eyes is better then storing tears in your heart
Victor Manickam

Handbook For Life

The possibility of this book and its creation that we now have in our hands has indeed been a journey in which many have played a role. Hence its only natural that we express our gratitude to them in making this possible.

We acknowledge the organisations being coached by us, as working with them has provided us with insights which were beyond what could have been provided by studying any management book.

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